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Nice to see you all around...Thank You
last modified: Monday, September 08, 2008 (1:43:31 AM CST)
My gallery is such a mess...and I have a pile of cels to add...and 3/4 of what's up I'd like to part with.
It's been a while...glad to see so many familiar faces are still hanging around!
Not Sir Phobos keeps me updated on the community...somewhat...but our focus hasn't been on shopping of late.
I see my gallery has 31,000 hits. Wow. That really is amazing. Expecially since I haven't hardly updated since 25,000. Must be the free porn! LOL!
Continue enjoying my collection...and building your own!
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25,000 Hits....Glad You're Enjoying 'Em!
last modified: Thursday, January 11, 2007 (1:54:44 PM CST)
I can't believe I have 25,000 hits!
Thank you for enjoying my gallery of cels!!!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating much...maybe twice in the last year?!

One of my "resolutions" for 2007 is to clean up, clean out, and detail what's left my collection.

I have a group of emails from people over the past year with offers and comments...thank you to everyone whose contacted me. I don't think I've replied most of them- nothing personal, my cels have just been on the back burner for a year (many of you know why).

I'm hoping to go through those and reply along with the updates. If you've been eyeing a cel feel free to drop me a line...quite a bit will be going on eBay...most likely in late March. I would say 80%-90% of what's in my gallery.

Again, I've been dissapointed to have missed out on so many great community events this year...and I'm planning on making that different in 2007.

Thank you again for your visits and continued friendship.

Have a great year!!!
marie :)
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Been a While...
last modified: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 (1:31:08 AM CST)
Indeed...a while too long in my opinion. I've been keeping an eye on cels here and there throughout the year...but overall I've been quiet. Got fired from my family-operated job due to family friction, had to return my job-owned car, listed our house for sale, decluttered, started my own business, The Treasure Finders (eBay consignments), and started working as a consultant for Cookie Lee jewelry (love it!!!), I turned 25, my son turned 4, and have really worked on my friendships and relationships and personal self. Definately a crazy year...probably the craziest one yet (though I'm sure there will be more in my future).

I miss you guys here at Rubberslug and Beta. I'm hoping next year will bring a little calmer time to my life. Calm enough to go through and scan some cels and get re-involved! YEAH!
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Just a funny thought
last modified: Monday, November 21, 2005 (7:03:35 PM CST)
"This is what my CALMER and CLEANED OUT gallery looks like?! OH MY!".

Doesn't look to calm. Perhaps straigtened up a bit...but I have sooo far to go!

I'm going through and dealing with those 180+ "Cels Up for Offer"...and am sending them to ebay.
here's the link if you're interested: (ID: fetish4minx):

I also added a photo album. that' nice...now I can eliminate another categorie! YES!

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Done for Now
last modified: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 (11:33:15 AM CST)
The revamp on my page is done for now. All of the sold items have been moved to the CEL GRAVEYARD...and all of NSP's items are gone. I have over 150 cels in the "FOR OFFERS" section that I'm looking to unload...somehow. I will probably wait until AnimeJewell is done with her sale and start listing mine. Just not sure.

Other than that, I'm very excited about my Misc. sections! I've been anxious to mix and match some of my random cels for a while. Granted...I still have a lot of work to do there-and I will mostly thin out again those remaining cels.

But overall, I'm excited!

I decided to leave up sections for my main interests (which I thougth would only be Armitage, Fencer Minerva & Windaria...but has apparently grown since last year!)

Regardless, I'm looking for feeback from anyone willing to pass some along...positive or negative.

I'm thinking the site is still a little difficult to navigate due to all the *special* categories (Comic Relief, Unknown, Animated Sequences)...if you guys have an suggestions on how to improve that, PLMK!

marie :)
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Cels to Add to Site...ZERO!!! They're all up!!!
last modified: Saturday, September 17, 2005 (2:26:53 AM CST)
Yes, I finally have all (oh god, do I have to count?!?) 1500 or so cels up on the site! (number does NOT include each cel from a sequence. A sequence counts as ONE!).


After my gallery offers end...TOMORROW! (Saturday 9-17-05)at 12 midnight Pacific Time) I will be taking my gallery offline for a while.

Another re-vamp is in the works.

I will be taking down everything I don't want to keep in my personal collection.

Not Sir Phobos will be opening his personal gallery on Rubberslug.

This good news and a happy day for me!

So...if you see anything you want...make an offer today! Because who knows how long before I get this stuff up for sale again?

But...I'm VERY excited about my new, cleaned out RS Gallery...it's going to be lovely and much...well...CALMER! :)

Thanks for the support everyone has offered!!!
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Continuing to Add more cels! (GB & CW)
last modified: Thursday, September 15, 2005 (3:43:20 AM CST)
I swear...how come I'm this close and yet so tired!?

I am not doing well by an stretch of the imagination...and here I'm in the middle of an offer period on my gallery.

I added another 100 folders of cels to the Crimson Wolf and Golden Boy sections. I still have a ton more GB pieces to add...but energy is failing.

I had planned on having these all up by the time I started my offer period...but something came up and I couldn't wait. So here I am...with days left on my offers...and I'm racing to get this all done!

I know most other collectors are swamped by the amount of back-dates we all have to do. (add sketches, screen caps, and comments and...WOW).

On the positive, after last night my stress levels aren't as high as they were (I love you, Not Sir Phobos).

I didn't even think I could get THAT stressed out again. Now the stress is depleting and I'm left with a decent bout of depression. It's something I haven't had this strongly since before I was pregnant with our first child (3+ yrs ago).

So, it looks like the trip to France is off, even though I should have a week-maybe two to change my mind. I hope passing on this isn't a decision I will regret later.

Right now the thought of international travel without NSP is frightening and surreal. I know it will/would be a trip of a lifetime...but the lack of notice...the fundraising...the childcare...the work-related issues...plus a huge number of more personal things that all seem to have hit at the same.

Thank god for my husband. He is so supportive. Even when I can't see his strength around me. Sent me flowers yesterday. He's a wonderful man...and I really want to express my appreciation and dedication to him more than I currently do.

Wow...this is no longer about cels.

I guess I should stop writing! LOL!

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1200 CELS and Counting...NOW OPEN
last modified: Saturday, September 10, 2005 (1:49:34 PM CST)
Yes, siree.

Open for offers.

I've decided 1200+ cels are too many for one household...so I'm putting them all up for offers.

I swear...I didn't even KNOW I had 1200 cels. Granted...about 300 or so are folders...and I knew about those...but holy cow.

I would have guessed 300 before the folders. Boy was I wrong!

So...partially to cut back and partially because of some personaly issues that have come up (good and bad)...I'm taking offers on EVERYTHING ...

---till Saturday the 17th of September.

Doesn't mean I'm going to sell everything I have and get out of the the cel buying scene. It means I'm looking to straight up sell a lot. Just which ones I sell depend on if someone wants to buy them...and if the offer is equal or greater than my attachment to the cel.

I don't have enough love to spread around my collection...I have many unloved cels. I'm sure that there are a LOT of people out there who would lOVE to LOVE them instead. So please-Make An Offer!

If it's low I'll write back that night. And if someone offers more, I'll let you know.

And no...I will not tell who bought what cel or what such and such offered. That's private.

OK...thank god this is a weblog so I can rattle on forever. Of course, I think my post on beta was longer!

Alright...I'd better go get to work! I have about 300 cels sitting here on my computer waiting to upload so you guys can make offers on them!

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Jumping Jehosaphat!!!
last modified: Thursday, August 25, 2005 (12:08:03 PM CST)
Wow...I'm just amazed at how time flies.

My gallery reached 10,000 hits. Which I personally think is pretty amazing. I think in November last year (2004)...I had 60 hits and my Armitage Nursery was the only cel I had scanned and posted from when I opened!(I think about 2002).

Not only that...but I am *finally* caught up with my cels. At least...with my *active* collection.

I still have all the items I bought in March. Golden Boy, Crimson Wolf, Jo Jo Bizarre Adventures, Gigantor, and about 10 cel boxes full of misc. pieces. But that is just too overwhelming at the momment.

Still...10,000 hits. In 9 months. Wow. That's the same amount of time as carrying an unborn child to term. And to think how much my gallery has grown in those 9 months!

I'm sure most of you remember when I first started adding. I met Jenn & Steph and joined Anime-beta (which I NEVER would have found otherwise!). Then I met some very special friends like Startyde and Blueblade. Over the past few months (and with much thanks to the Rubberslug chat)...I've really tried to reach out and socialize more. I've met just TONS of friendly and fun people! The list is just tooo long to mention everyone.

There are all the girls who are into hentai, too--YEAH! Thank you!!! Love you all!!! Amazing to meet some other souls who enjoy such B-film quality anime.

And then there are all the people who hold knowledge. You know who you guys are...people come to you with questions about framing, buying, storing, bagging, shipping, etc. You guys have been doing this for so long you're simply pros.

Then there are the people newer than me! (Quite a few, actually). People who have just opened a gallery. You watch over the next week or two as their collection (which had been in hiding until this momment) joins the family to share.

Then there are the different levels of income/spending people. People who can't pay more than $20 on a cel at a time...and people who don't hard blink at $2,000!!! And the rare ones who can shell out $20,000 for a piece they really like.

HOWEVER, what I really like about this community overall, is how we are all friendly. From the $20,000 to the $20 spenders...from the hentai lovers to the people who DON'T LOOK...from the newbies who thought putting a cel in the sunniest room in their house with thumbtacks was the BEST idea EVER!...to the those who pay to frame every piece they have!


Thank you for enjoying my gallery!
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Excited to Catch Up!-------QUESTIONS, too.
last modified: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 (12:39:07 AM CST)
OK...well not perfect...but I'm downloading over 100 pictures right now!

I laid out all of my cels before the Sacramento meet and took digital pics of everything I couldn't remember scanning...so that should mean I have pics of everything now! (except those five I've ALREADY FOUND that slipped through the cracks).

Regardless, my collection is in need of help. Some need to be rescued from me by other people...and those that stay need to be mothered in a nice cel book instead of stacked on my bookshelves. I should take pics of these poor things. My three books are full...and still I have stacks (Oversized stack, BKG stack, regular stack).

I am just having sooo much fun *playing* with my collection. Only...it's grown so large it's getting hard to keep organized.

I'd like to have a cel book dedicated to: Fencer Minerva 1 and Fencer Minerva 2, Fencer Minerva 3-5, Armitage, Windaria and Apocolypse Zero and Robot Carnival.
That's four Itoya's right there!...but then...do I keep all the oversized pan cels in a seperate Itoya? and what about sketches? I'd like to keep all the sketches in a seperate book...but then how do I keep track of what goes with which cel? Do I put sticky-notes or stickers on the pages? What about when I re-organize? Should I bag each sketch seperate and then use stickers on the bags? That SOUNDS good.

So many choices and decisions! I'd like to have an immaculate and easy to navigate collection...but the time involved is immense! Not to mention the expense of new cel bags in at least three different sizes...(do I tape them closed? leave them open? tape close but cut open a corner to breather?). What about BKGS? Do I bag them seperate from the cels and tape the two bags together?

And...what about multi-layer cels? Do you bag each layer seperately? What do YOU DO?

So many questions..>I hope you guys can post some feedback to answer them!

THANKS ahead of time!

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Continued Work/Cel Collecting/Life
last modified: Monday, July 25, 2005 (5:48:01 PM CST)
Everything continues on just as it was meant to be.

My life is getting better...less cluttered...more focused...more happy.

Hopefully I can keep it up once I get it to the level I want!

This mostly involves de-cluttering my house at the momment...which means I WILL BE SELLING CELS---A LOT!!!

I was going to wait until the ones I've purchased come in. I would love to save the effort and just open my gallery to offers again...but I made some mistakes last time and I'm a bit gunshy. Besides, that...people don't always pay when they say they will. Or even at all. I HATE THAT.

Regardless...the time has come to really focus on those things I've always said are most important to me: My Husband, My Child, My Home.

I'm not leaving the community by any means...but I will be less...well, Active.

I have HUNDREDS of cels to add to my site before the offer period, too.

Such a job! LOL!

Wish me the best on this shift in my life! 'Tis for the best!!!
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More Thoughts on Acetate Addiction
last modified: Thursday, July 07, 2005 (12:36:34 PM CST)
Well you two, I've always kept an eye on your two...since I have to attribute so much to you! I found Anime-beta because of you...and you actually re-kindled my interested in cels (thanks for the HUGE boost in my collection!)

Rather interesting...because I feel I am paralelling you in so much! We still have our site (still empty! LOL)...and we are constantly trying to par down our collection due to overspending.

I don't know...you guys are so friendly and nice. Thank you for the Mezzo cels you sold me last month! (still not on my site, though).

I don't know...this pattern of buying...buying bigger...selling...selling more...seems to be a norm for cel collecting.

How many other people are going through this cycle??

marie :)
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Finally climbing back onboard
last modified: Saturday, June 25, 2005 (12:45:15 AM CST)
I got another 11 images added/cleaned up and pretty for the site.

Granted, I still have to go back and do descriptions...but it's a good start!

Thank you! to whoever started the thread on hating to scan over at BETA! Believe it or not, that's what got me going! (plus Krafty's comments on the thread).

Comments and suggestions on the colors and *frames* are appreciated!

marie :)
please use the feedback feature as I am STILL locked out of my email account!
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Opened Up Again
last modified: Thursday, June 02, 2005 (1:48:27 AM CST)
Yup...I was too overcome with the job of re-doing over 400 cels (not to mention the thousands I haven't even put live yet).

So I backed up and just put everything up normal.

Maybe I'll try again...someday.

In the meantime just enjoy what I can share!

marie :)

a very tired girl
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Listings on Ebay...
last modified: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 (11:48:42 AM CST)
Took advantage of $.10 listing day and put TONS of cels and My Little Ponies, Breyers, Gunne Sax, and more! Even some complete Golden Boy folders!
Check it out!

Seller ID: Fetish4minx
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More Additions
last modified: Monday, May 16, 2005 (1:51:12 AM CST)
Well, my gallery has been very busy behind-the-scenes. I've been taking more scans and adding more dialoge to each cel.

I'm going to do away with the mono-chrome color thumbnails...but I do believe I will go back and add a border to every thumbnail.

In the meantime...I am only adding cels for which I have scanned with a background, and then gone in and added information on : SCENE-CEL-SKETCH-BACKGROUND-PERSONAL COMMENTS

I'm very happy with how things are coming along!

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Added More Cels to the Sale
last modified: Thursday, May 05, 2005 (5:20:11 PM CST)
Yup...I went in and added another 10 or so.

I have some more waiting to be scanned and added.

If anyone wants more details/better pictures (since some are digital, not scans), just LMK! I can do, no problem.

Just send me a request via the feedback option!

Thank you for everyone's interest!!!

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last modified: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 (2:33:56 AM CST)
Yup...pretty basic. You see it...and...it wants to go home WITH YOU!

I'll be taking offers until Sunday night (Califoria time). That gives you a few days.

After that I am taking these items off of my website and they will dissapear into the Black Hole of Nothingness.

Shipping is $8 in USA (includes delivery confirmation and insurance) plus $.50 per cel after that. EMS is available for "Gift"s internationally.

I will put the current high offer on the title line of a cel. That way you can just check back for updates. I will be doing pretty much everything via email at fetish4minx@hotmail.com

I need to clean up and clear out for the new gallery layout. These pieces will probably find more love with you at this point.

PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER...even if it's low. I don't bite and I'm pretty anxious to get these babies to new homes. Besides, the more you buy the more generous I get! LOL!

Thank you everyone for looking!!!

marie :)
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New Colors and Cels are Re-Appearing
last modified: Sunday, May 01, 2005 (10:59:18 PM CST)
Slowly but surely I'm making progress. At the momment I have one KITE and one MEZZO cel up. More will follow...hopefully just as quickly! LOL.

I'm still beind on scanning recent shipments...but all will come in time.

I've changed the gallery colors and banners...I hope you guys like them as much as I do! Any suggestions are always appreciated...though negative suggestions I do prefer be worded kindly. Then...who doesn't?? LOL :)

Have a great evening/day everyone!

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Gallery Doesn't Feel Right...Closing Down
last modified: Monday, April 25, 2005 (7:59:56 PM CST)
For those who have been visiting my gallery (I see my count is over 6,000 now! THANK YOU!)...I apologize that I will be hiding MOST everything in my gallery until further notice. Current plan is to go through and thin out...mix between the web site we are trying to get up and running. We will see what happens and where and when.

Until then...I am hiding it until further plans/notice.

Thanks for visiting! I'll announce when I "re-open".

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Just When You Thought The Going Was Good
last modified: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 (2:25:33 AM CST)
Yep...here you are cruising along on life when all of a sudden...BAM! You get hit in the face with a brick.
Or perhaps your friend does.
Just got a letter from a dear friend whose life just fell apart. Literally. And pretty near 100%. There is so much I want to do...and so little I actually can do. And she has been so very very kind to me over the past few years. Seen me through a lot in my life.
Plus the little personal cloud I've been riding the past few months dissapated this afternoon.

So...sorrow is in the air...be careful not to breathe too deep.

Oh yah...and buy some of my cels...they're in RS shop. Make my day a little brighter. And hopefully I can help my friend out a little more from it, also.

Best Wishes, and Kind Warnings.
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H-U-G-E Update! 45 cels 25 series!
last modified: Friday, April 08, 2005 (11:33:31 PM CST)
Okay...and that's JUST my Anime-Museum shipment. Talk about overspending! Now you can all see that I wasn't joking!

I sure got in a lot of trouble over it...money & spouse-wise. But you can see there were some great goodies there!

Now, I did overspend, and I have to pay back a certain amount...so I'm still open to offers on most of my gallery. Just a random thing. I overbought...so I have to be willing to part with some things to compensate. Even some of the new stuff. So..if you're interested...or even want me to keep your name on a list...just LMK!

Also, as expected...my luck on Fencer Minerva stuff finally ran out! For months now I've been the only person interested in this stuff...now for some reason I'm getting competition! And boy..does it suck! I love an absolutely KILLER cel (will be in wishlist soon).

Funny how you don't realize how badly you wanted something till you lose!! :) Well, that's the auction-way!

Something about random ramblings...so fun!

Well, I really should cool it and get back to work organizing my babies in chronological order!

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Been a While...Busy behind PILES of cels!
last modified: Thursday, March 31, 2005 (4:13:43 PM CST)
Yes...I've been gone for a bit. I still check everything daily (only way to find good stuff!)...but my updates have been lagging.

I have a bunch of new hentai pieces added today!
TONS of fencer minerva came in when I requested my YHJ wins be sent.

Anime Museum's purchase came. That's a HEFTY stack.

Myke finally opened his gallery for viewing! If you like Armitage (and a bunch of other series), check it out! http://myke.rubberslug.com

So...I added 6 pieces on lunch, and I still have stacks left to work on. Not to mention I know have to pay back the $1000 I borrowed for the anime museum sale.

This really is a delightful hobby. Especially since I've always been prone to pictures. Now I have an excuse to buy more! :)

We are creating a web site to pass along our personal cels as well as almost 100 lbs of cels we came across. Creation is a little slow...and I ASSURE you I am absolutely DREADING the scanning of all those cels! However, it will be worth it. There are some AMAZING pieces in there!

Anyhow...this is mostly just a *hi* how's it going* note. I'm alive. And busy. Buying, Scanning, Living, and Making Memories.


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Still Learning
last modified: Monday, February 28, 2005 (12:09:41 AM CST)
Yes, I would definately say I'm still learning--A LOT.
After buying photocopies on Mandrake for $70.00 I learned about genga/sketches.
After buying 20 auctions from the same seller on Yahoo! Japan, I learned that not all seller will combine shipping-or wire fees (dear god, that hurt)!
I've also learned that just because a cel is cheap doesn't mean it will grant you eternal happiness (did I HONESTLY ever think so?!). :)
Online friends are WONDERFUL *oh wait-I already knew that.
Oh yah! And you can welcome someone back...who never left! I suppose it's all in what you say...not what you do...that counts in the cyber-world.

You can spend a fortune in very little time. Just close your eyes and it's *one click* (auction), *two clicks* (place bid), *three clicks* (CONFIRM)......and you're all done.

Yes, well...I still haven't gotten over my ability to search in the adult section...and found some fun little Fencer of Minerva cels while I was there! Very very happy...and anxious to bring them home!

Still trying to find a way to put the adult items on my site w/o offending anyone...ideas anyone???

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So Happy to Be Over 18
last modified: Monday, February 07, 2005 (11:50:16 PM CST)
Okay...so I've been over 18 for a long time. But just this past week I've been able to finally reach the adult cels on YHJ and I've been busy! (oh so fun!) Thank you Thank you Thank you to Krafty and Startyde for helping me *find the way*!
I owe you both a favor :)

Other than that tidbit of joyful news...things have been slow here. Nothing has come up that really made me go "MUST HAVE"...and I've been looking over some of the pics of things I passed up in the past. I'm really sorry on most of them that I passed up the opportunity to ad them to my collection simply because I was unsure.

I'd like to see something that moves me...and allow myself to be moved to the point of placing the bid! One example was a nice nude cel from Bubblegum Crisis...but I didnt' bid because the seller has a reputation for slow shipping. Heck! I still haven't had Nick ship the cels I bought months ago! Why did I even care. Well...whatever.

I *should* sell off the cels that don't move me...but then...I mention that almost every post and have yet to sell even one cel! LOL! Go figure! :)

Yah soo...whatever. I got my adult kick to feed now:) And boy are some of those cels good!!!

Pity they aren't display-able pieces.

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Adding Backgrounds is Exhausting
last modified: Thursday, January 20, 2005 (11:44:49 PM CST)
Yes...exhausting. I don't know if it's because I'm slow...or if it takes forever because I can't help but browse YHJ/EBAY during upload times. (and I have DSL! I can't imagine dial-up!).

So I've added backgrounds to many Armitage cels. Many are left to do...but I'm tired. Besides, I don't have a background for EACH cel. Not yet. I need to re-watch the OVA's for background information.

I can't believe the HUGE difference it makes to have backgrounds...even non-matching! Wish I could do my own background screen-captures. Someday. Hopefully soon.

I'm looking at the fat stack of updates left to work. Dear Lord!! I can only imagine the headache someone like backlotanimation must feel with an even bigger *to add to RS* stack!

On a positive...I own a lot. Wait...is that always a positive?! Once again I'm thinking about seperating the wheat from the chaffe. It's just that even that is an ordeal. Besides...everyone knows you should wait to sell until tax refund season! LOL Speaking of which...I need to do my tax return!!! Pleasures awaiting!

Hm...before I go...I definately want to add that today on YHJ I came across the best orgasm cel I've seen yet. Wordsworth no less. Thinking maybe I should sell some items to make a little money for this one. It's a bit expensive for me...but so...intense. Startyde probably already has dibs...I'd better check before making any rash decisions.


That Mandrake Big Web Auction winnings should arrive in 5 days!
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Starting to Get Creative
last modified: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 (10:55:06 AM CST)
I've taken out the Coming Soon section...and am now relegating everything to their appropriate places to begin with.

Added some new Banners and Graphics. Hopefully I'll be fine-tuning these and adding more as I get comfortable (and caught up!)

Updated TONS of new cels...probably 20? Of course, I still need to scan them all....*groan*

Found the perfect background for my hentai minerva cel...now to find a frame! (It's oversized).

AND I WON MY FIRST MANDRAKE BIG WEB AUCTION! Items haven't arrived yet...but I'm very very thrilled! I got the characters and settings for Minerva Knights (Fencer of Minerva). Supposedly 96 pages...but only 3 were shown. I am SO excited!!

THANK YOU, STARTYDE for selling me a truly gorgeous MezzoForte: Momomi Blowing Kisses cel! I love it already!

Really, I guess there is nothing to say. Where are the good Armitage cels hiding? I'm sure there are collectors (same with Fencer of Minerva)...but where are the online galleries???
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Another New Year with the sludge and the joy!
last modified: Monday, January 03, 2005 (6:08:02 PM CST)
For the first year ever...I don't feel young anymore. I feel like the adult I am (sad, isn't it). Same bill problems, over-spending issues and never-ending debts.

Other than that...my first hentai Fencer cel arrived!!! THANK YOU anime-gambit!!! I just love this cel. One of those irrational loves. I can't display it and it doesn't even fit in my cel book so it's been ferretted away to the oversized cel corner. I'll have to figure out a way to frame these large cels just so they can avoid damage.

Other than that, James & Startyde are keeping me full of smiles. Such nice people!!! Hope to keep meeting more like them!

Another positive: someone emailed me out of the blue with more Armitage cels for sale! (and of course I bought them all! LOL)

MANDRAKE BIG WEB AUCTIONS! My first to view and participate in...it's a lot of fun! I'm afraid I may wind up spending more than I ever intended to, though. But...auctions aren't over yet...I may come out with nothing! :)

All in all I'm looking forward to another year. My little boy is journeying through his two's...and my husband and I are enjoying our fourth year of marriage. Money is never-ending (both in positive and negative ways). I like in a country cottage home worthy of dreams. I have a loving family all around me...and friends whom I'll love till the day I die.

I love this thing called life. The good and the bad.

I hope you remember to appreciate it, too.
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December 20th, 2004: Animechaos stuff arrives!
last modified: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 (1:06:55 AM CST)
So very very excited! The Fencer of Minerva (Minerva Knights) cels I've been drooling over are finally mine! THANK YOU ANIME GAMBIT! They are too risque to post which is a pity...but people can ask and I'll email pics! Soooo excited about that!

A bit bummed that I missed another great Armitage cel w/BKG on a private web site...but not worried. Another will come along when I have more money anyway.

My animechaos *cough* shoppingmalljapan purchases arrived today! Thank god for a good packing job! This box was punched through on one side.

Definately loving loving loving the nude Ross & Armitage together cel. I don't know where Animechaos gets these (maybe people who don't pay their YHJ fees?)...but I'm glad! I certainly could not have picked it up at a retail site (or even private party) as cheap as I did. VERY happy!

I'm looking forward to framing some items...wish I could frame the adult ones! But what would visitors say?! "I love your sofa...and...oh my! What a nice set of tits on the wall!" LOL.

Well, I am definately loving what I own :) Even the ones I had last month:) Or last year for that matter.

Although I definately re-joined cel collecting with a roar...I need to slow down. I don't *think* that will be too hard. I'm actually picky on my cels...I actually have quite a bit of *fluff* in my collection. I just don't want to put anything on auction....seems so impersonal (and cheap to the seller!).

Well, I'm off to put my new purchases in order in my cel books.

Enjoy the scans everyone!

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Another Update and Growing Pains
last modified: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 (11:14:26 PM CST)
Today held another update for me...finally fixed those Armitage Pan cels!

I can't stop kicking myself for ripping the Armitage shooting Thug scene. I have no place safe to keep such large cels! I have a portfolio on my list of purchases...but that's like $50 last I checked!

And I am so very grateful for everyone that has contacted me directly to buy Armitage cels from them...but why so many at once?

Here I am having overspent myself and told my husband to "stop"...and another few hundred dollars suddenly goes missing and some more Armitage cels suddenly arrive.

I understand this is pretty much a basic to cel collecting...but it IS BAD! (good/bad...bad...good?!)

So...my first time to bite the bullet and admit that I need to thin out to make room for more and better.

So I'm selling...uh...parting with...uh...passing along :)...5 minor cels. Impressive, huh. I'll probably even change my mind about that!

I wish people would send me offers on any cels that I have...that way I can keep a list and when a momment like this pops up I can say, "Yes, _ has been interested in cel B of mine for so long...and they're willing to pay _. I really want cel A, so I'll email and see if they still want to buy mine."

But life is never that simple.

On the perky side, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY CELS!
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Hard to keep up
last modified: Sunday, November 21, 2004 (2:20:23 AM CST)
I finally understand why so few people update their rubberslug galleries!

I, for one, am shopping more than I have time to keep up with!
And...SHOCKER!...I get 5 oversized Armitage cels in the mail today...which is all well and good but they don't fit in the cel books I have so what do I do? I'll have to frame them all, I guess. But there's so much wasted space on the cello and I have no backgrounds...*sigh*.

I'm so tired.

I really want some cels someone has offered me, but are they too expensive? Or am I too cheap? *sigh again*

I hate making offers on a cel w/o any idea of what is an appropriate price. I don't want to offend people...but sometimes I feel that is exactly what I've done.

See, I'm a good & honest person...my biggest shortcoming is getting payments out that are NOT paypal. You know...MO's and checks.

I can't believe how much my cel collection has grown in the last two months! Dear god!

AND STILL NO ONE HAS SEEN FENCER MINERVA! LOL I guess I'm alone on that one.

Well, it's late...I'm going to bed. The rest of the fencer cels will have to wait another day to upload. THANK YOU anime-cel.com!
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November 1, 2004
last modified: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 (2:41:57 AM CST)
Well, this is a new thing for me...WEBLOG. Let's see how it goes!
Randomly talking about the gallery here...I've been searching methodically through everyone's misc. and unkown sections both looking for fencer & armitage, but also to help ID cels for people. So far I've found about 5 unkown fencer cels! Yah! and a couple of Armitage cels.

Thanks to some posting here and there, I've had 750 visitors-yah! I think I had 23 in the past year. And in the past month I've had 725 more come through! WOW...I guess uploading the cels really makes a difference.

Screen shots...are those really just digital images of your TV? For the time being that's what they are at my site. If you know of a better/easier way...PLMK!

As every collector will tell is bound to happen...I've overspent (and I'm not done!). But I've been bombarded with offers of my wishlist cels. WHY?!? :) Okay, really-no complaints.

I don't really know why anyone looks at my Fencer of Minerva cels...I've yet to meet another person on the planet who has seen it. No one has even heard of it! Of course, being a hentai might contibute to that.

Well, enough for now...

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