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I'm always looking to add a bit of this n that. Sometimes I have a lot to spend, but not always. If you see something even similar to my wishlist...please email! Include a price...or at least a price range! I may trade out of the gallery...but I'd prefer to purchase.

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
I am interested in some CAVE Backgrounds...particularly for my Crimson Wolf cels. Medium
Apocolypse Zero
FETISH4MINX: I would like cels of the baddies as well as anything sexual. What can I say??? I'm a perv! Medium
Armitage III: OVA #1
FETISH4MINX: Doing the right thing Very High
FETISH4MINX: More Nursery Scene! Very High
FETISH4MINX: Unborn Sister Very High
FETISH4MINX: Another great Armitage scene. High
FETISH4MINX: I'd love to own this cel of Gene (Public Relations at Conception Corp.) with his robots. A bit kinky...but the OVA is like that! High
FETISH4MINX: The second half of the pan cel. High
FETISH4MINX: This is one part of the pan cel. These are the other third-types that Armitage and Ross found with Julian in the program. High
FETISH4MINX: Angelic? High
FETISH4MINX: Conception's Base of Operations. High
FETISH4MINX: Daddy leave, or else High
FETISH4MINX: Graveyard High
FETISH4MINX: I'd like pretty much any cel that has the photo disc of Armitage with her "Pappa". High
FETISH4MINX: Opening sequence of Armitage flashing the bird. Wouldn't be surprised if this one wasn't released to the public...but hey! I can dream! High
FETISH4MINX: I'm open to any of the SECOND-Type Robots. usually very sexy :) High
FETISH4MINX: Most any cel of Armitage in the program with Ross searching for Julian. Medium
FETISH4MINX: Ross when he enters the program with Armitage to recover Julian's memory files. Another OVA momment. Medium
FETISH4MINX: Armitage in the program. I pretty much want this exact shot as the ones similar to this just...weren't right. Medium
FETISH4MINX: I'd like this shot of Armitage with the street thugs in the OVA. Medium
FETISH4MINX: I've seen a cel or two from this scene floating around, so I know they are out there. Armitage gives Ross a quick kiss after she kill D'Anclaude a *second* time. Medium
FETISH4MINX: Nice Ross & Armitage Kissing Scene Medium
FETISH4MINX: Morning After Low
FETISH4MINX: Backgrounds like this. Low
FETISH4MINX: Final Battle Enemies Low
FETISH4MINX: First down. Low
FETISH4MINX: Second Type Rich Wife Low
FETISH4MINX: Second-Type Waitress Low
FETISH4MINX: what armitage fan doesn't want this shot? Low
FETISH4MINX: With background Low
FETISH4MINX: BACKGROUNDS: any copies or originals. Right now I'd like some just to use for display behind the cels...as I build my collection naturally I will want nicer and original backgrounds. Futuristic City, Shopping Mall, Mars Surface, Glass Ceiling, to name a few. Low
Armitage the Third
Eddie Low
Slums Low
Slums Low
Slums Low
FETISH4MINX: I'd like some cels from this. I don't have any, so I'm pretty open. Low
Bubblegum Crisis
FETISH4MINX: Saw this on YHJ and I really like it. Just the colors and expression Low
Crimson Wolf
I would like at least one Dragon from the ending. Low
Dragon Rider-HENTAI
Another YHJ loss(see a pattern?) Stunning colors and innocent eyes. I have a very sorrowful heart over losing this one. Very High
I love this series with the bold colors and the almost cartoon lines. I'm interested in pretty much anything I can find from this series. Medium
Fencer Minerva #1-HENTAI
FETISH4MINX: Diana going in for the kill. I'd like the background, too. Very High
FETISH4MINX: Lovely countryside outside the kingdom. High
FETISH4MINX: Chibi Sho Low
FETISH4MINX: Diana's Father as a Younger Man Low
FETISH4MINX: Sho's Father Low
FETISH4MINX: A nice shot of the poor slave-trade girl that upsets Diana so much. **THANK YOU ANIME GAMBIT*** Low
FETISH4MINX: A shot of Sho & Diana riding together-happy. Low
FETISH4MINX: Always a sucker for the sweet stuff. Low
FETISH4MINX: Diana & Prince. Sweet Revenge. Low
FETISH4MINX: I'd like this background of the tree. Low
FETISH4MINX: Kyle & Patris in love. Low
FETISH4MINX: Sho agreeing to lead the nomadic tribes. Low
FETISH4MINX: The constantly contested kingdom! Low
FETISH4MINX: The evil prince on his dragons. Low
FETISH4MINX: The great horse-like creature getting eaten to death by carnivorous fish. Low
FETISH4MINX: Totally random and more than that...INNOCENT....squirrel. Got love him! Low
Golden Boy #4-6
Gorgeous background pan of the swimming pool. Another loss...but on ebay. Very sad...want to replace quite badly. Very High
Golden Boy OVA #2
I would like a shot of Naoko in her school girl outfit with her skirt blowing up. High
Kasei Yakyoku/ Nightsong Of Splendor
Never seen the series, but I fell in love with this on Mandrake Auctions. Someday when I'm ready I'll add this to my collection. High
Kite (ADULT)
A nice HENTAI shot. Preferrable one of Young Sawa (PAN nude). But I'm interested in some where she's having sex, also. Very High
Legend of Himiko
Some more Imari pieces, please :) Medium
Love Hina
FETISH4MINX: I'd like a cel of the black haired girl. And at least one or two misc. cels from this one. Low
Mermaid Scar/Forest/Etc
FETISH4MINX: The women in this series are usually very beautiful with long hair. I'd like any of them :) Low
Mezzoforte (ADULT)
I nice Momomi Bikini shot. (but then, who doesn't want that?!?) High
Talk about PERFECTLY EVIL! Momomi High
A nice nude...or anything sexual really. Again...it's the perv in me!!! :) Medium
Midnight Panther (HENTAI)
A nice Shot of Sonia's eyes. To compliment the two pieces already in my gallery. High
A nice group shot with Background. Low
A nice OP shot of Ushio. Low
New Angel (HENTAI)
Just a nice scene with the sunset and Shizuka's dress and hair blowing in the wind. The music at this part is lovely. It's all about agonizing over having sex with Kousuke. Low
A nice Nude of Keyne in the bathing pools. Medium
A nice shot of the little guy looking sad. Low
Robot Carnival-Presence
FETISH4MINX: Pieces of the girl...I'd also like the little screw that makes him think of building her. Medium
FETISH4MINX: Some pics of the Old Man. Medium
FETISH4MINX: Any with the robotic woman. Low
Roujin Z
Any full shot that shows some of the storyline at a glance. Low
One of the old guys working at his computer to help save the day! Low
Sailor Moon
A romantic family shot of Serena, Darien, Rini. High
Luna in Human form. Again...Out of my league...but it's a WISHlist...right? High
Queen Serenity. yes, this is out of my league...but isn't that what wishlists are for? High
Sins of the Sisters (HENTAI)
A background shot looking down on the church and surrounding village. Low
Tournament of the Gods (HENTAI)
Anything else nude with wings that isn't too violent. Low
Ushio & Tora
A nice group shot...or at least one of Ushio & Tora together in special mode. Medium
I would like a nice Tora cel. Low
Vampire Hunter D
Nice Meier Link looking from left to right at a downward corner angle. (yes, I have a specific purpose for this one~!) High
More nice Charlotte pieces. Low
I would like some BKG shots...coastal city, forest, mainland, TREE. High
FETISH4MINX: I really want some scenes of Ann with the squirrel creature. Or anything ROMANTIC. Medium
Wordsworth (HENTAI)
Another YHJ loss. Rita in the throws of...well...you can see. High
A nice innocent looking Maria. Low
A nice Rita in battle gear. She's quite the hottie with that white hair. Low
X1999 (ADULT)
Anything with them as children. High
Nice Kamui with LARGE yellow eyes. High
Kotori with wide innocent eyes. Medium
Arashi with tears in her eyes. Low

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